Frequently asked questions

Q: How quickly can you deliver? 
A: The factory runs on a first-in-first-out scheduling system. A job is only scheduled for production once the deposit has been paid, and at that stage we can advise the estimated delivery time. Most jobs take 6-8 weeks from deposit to delivery.


Q: Can you deliver any sooner? 
A: Sometimes we can, depending on the current workload in the factory.


Q: Can you give me a ballpark price? 

A: Entrance doors Classic range start at R5,800.00 supplied.

Designer doors from R9, 500.00 supplied only.

Internal range from R650,00 to R4,500.00


Q: Why are you more expensive than a Hardware store? 
A: Well, very simply, we are not a hardware store. Our doors aren’t standard stock items and aren’t manufactured in bulk. All our items are individually manufactured and are custom-made to suit specifications of the Client, Architects and Interior Designers.


Q: How do I reduce the cost?
A: Choose a simpler design. Materials over and above wood like stainless steel, glass, and exotic veneers increase cost and manufacturing time.


Q: I need you to come out to my home, measure up and give me design ideas?
A: There are a few design ideas on our website and we have many more to view at our showroom. It will be a pleasure to set up an appointment. A rough measurement from you or your builder is all that is required for a quote. Once you are happy with the design and price, our team will take final measurements.


Q: Are you limited to colours?

A: Exterior doors that are exposed to weather (sun, rain) are limit by UV resistant varnish that comes in a few standard colours. We offer a choice of standard stains for interior use and doors that are in complete shelter. There is no limit on paint colours, provided they are available from any Plascon and Dulux range. These brands work best on wood.


Q: What is Ironmongery?
A: Ironmongery is an umbrella term for items that are essential parts to the door like locks, handles, hinges, pivots etc. These items are available for purchase from us. We stock all door fittings and accessories.


Q: What are Beadings and Architraves?
A: They are long lengths of timber that cover the gap between the wall and the doorframe. Beadings are less expensive than Architraves. Both are available in different sizes and designs and are priced accordingly.


Q: Do you travel to places out of Durban? 
A: Yes, but we recommend that you get in touch with us and inquire if you fall within our work zones. Clients outside of our work zones will be provided with a list of installers that the client can negotiate with for installation. Alternatively, the builder for your development can install our product.


Q: Do you supply / install in Johannesburg / Cape Town other provinces and areas out of Durban?
A: Yes we do. We have supplied and installed items as far as Zambia and Maputo. However bear in mind that ‘out of Durban areas’ carry various extra charges namely: transportation and accommodation for the installation team, delivery charges, packaging cost etc. We do have an out-sourced transport company with very competitive delivery rates.